The objective of the Construction Safety Officer (CSO™) program is to provide verification of a nationally recognized level of competency in relation to construction safety.  The CSO™ program will provide practical training in various construction safety management skills and principles. 

Persons who achieve the CSO™ designation will have a combination of formal training and 3 years construction experience in the construction industry; providing a valuable resource to management in the administration and implementation of a company’s safety program.


Compulsory Courses:

Elective Courses (plus any two of the following):

  • Online Course
    (2 of any of the following will equal 1 elective course) *maximum of 2 online courses will be accepted*
      • CSTS – Construction Safety Training System
      • Aerial Lift Platforms
      • Arc Flash Safety Awareness
      • Fall Protection
      • Forklift Operator
      • Electrical Safety
      • Confined Space
      • Hearing Conservation
      • H2S Alive Awareness
      • Aerial Lift
      • Arc Flash: Safety Awareness
      • Confined Space Awareness
      • Crane Inspection
      • Fall Protection
      • Fire Extinguisher: Your PASS to Safety
      • Forklift Certification
      • Ground Disturbance Training
      • Hearing Protection
      • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
      • Incident Investigation
      • Indoor Cranes
      • Ladders
      • Lockout/Tagout: Lightning in a Bottle
      • Rigging: Equipment Basics
      • Rigging: Operations
      • TDG - Transportation of Dangerous Goods
      • Welding Safety: Safe Work with Hotwork
      • WHMIS Your Safety Net
      • Working Safely with Power Tools

Upon completion of the ten mandatory courses, an equivalent of two elective courses and providing the required supporting documentation an individual may then apply to the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba to obtain the standing of Construction Safety Officer (CSO™).

CSO™ Blank Documentation Aid

NOTE: The CSO™ designation must be verified every three years.  To maintain your CSO™ status you will be required to submit documentation confirming the practical application of your abilities (ie: Inspection; Toolbox Talk and Audit). *There will be an administration fee of $50.00 to verify CSO™ designation every three years for non-members*

There is a $50.00 fee in order to re-write the CSO™ exam if passing mark of 80% is not met.


*The deadline submission for all  requirements is on or before October 16th*

Please contact Marla Fillion, Training & Program Coordinator, for more information at 204.775.3171 or by email at



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