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Online Audit Tool

Instead of completing a paper audit, you can now complete your COR®/SECOR® audits using our online audit tool

Use the online audit tool

We have updated the online audit tool to feature the 2022 Harmonized Audit Instrument. Any audits created prior to February 28, 2023 will be the previous version. Your dashboard will now indicate the type of audit you have created (either 2022 Audit Tool or 2018 Audit Tool).

If you need assistance navigating the online audit tool, check out our online quick reference guide, or take a look at tutorial video and frequently asked questions below.


Here’s a video explainer to help you get started with your online audit submission:


Please note: the online audit tool is not supported by Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Is it mandatory to use the online audit tool, or can we still submit our paper audits?

  • The online audit tool is not mandatory. We will still accept paper versions of audits. The online audit tool is an option for those who already submit electronically or companies that would like to submit electronically.

Can I submit a joint audit for more than one company?

  • Yes — you will need to include the name of any additional company names under the “Company Info Sheet” tab and their corresponding WCB Account Number(s) and Industry Code(s) in your audit.

Can more than one auditor complete the audit using the online audit tool?

  • Yes — you will need to include the name of all auditor names in the “Auditor Data” tab and add  signatures in the Executive Summary Report section

Is there an online back up for the information I’m filling in?

  • You will be prompted to save as you go. Once you save a section, it will be on our servers. You can also download your audit (both the instrument and the files you’ve uploaded) before you submit to save for your records.
  • You can also view the audit once it has been submitted (included any previous year’s audits) under the “Under Review” tab in your dashboard.

Once I’ve opened a new audit, is there a time frame to complete it?

  • No — you can save and return to an open audit for as long as you need. However, once you submit after the final audit summary section, you will see the text, “you have submitted your audit for review,” and you will no longer be able change anything in the audit. At this point, your audit will be automatically added to our database.

How will I know that CSAM has received our audit?

  • An email will be sent to the email address you registered with your account confirming your audit submission.

How will I know when my audit has been processed/passed?

  • An email will be sent to the email address registered with your account in order to confirm your audit has been approved. You will still receive a physical copy of your letter of good standing and certificate (if applicable).


What information do I need to create an account for the online audit tool?

  • You will need your company’s unique Member ID and your company’s main contact email address. Please contact CSAM and we will be able to give you the Member ID for your company. If you are a consultant, we will need to confirm with the company before we can release that information to you.

It says my member ID is already in use. What do I do?

  • Please do not enter any other number into this field. Please contact CSAM.

What if I want to submit a joint audit for more than one company?

  • You can create an account under one of the company’s profiles and include the audit for both.
  • You will need to include the name of any additional company names under the “Company Info Sheet” tab and their corresponding WCB Account Number(s) and Industry Code(s).

I have not received a confirmation email yet.

  • Please check your junk/spam folder or quarantined messages. Due to the nature of these emails (as they are auto-generated from a generic email account), your company’s firewall may block them. In addition, the confirmation email may take up to 10 minutes to send. If you do not receive an email after 10 minutes, please contact CSAM.


For maintenance years, do I need to upload documents to the online audit tool?

  • Supporting documentation for maintenance year audits is no longer required if the audit is completed by a registered auditor. You only need to complete the audit instrument (including the corrective action plan). If you would like us to review the documentation piece of your program, please do not hesitate to ask. For more information, please visit our COR®/SECOR® audit requirements page.

Do we need to number or reference the documents we attach?

  • No — each question that you have awarded points under documentation in a recertification audit must have a document attached to it to allow for submission and therefore does not require referencing.
    • *Note: this does not apply to Section 1. One document may be used in Section 1 to meet the requirements of all questions.

Do I need to upload the same document multiple times to get points?

  • Yes — for each question you have awarded points under documentation you must attach a document to allow for submission.

It won’t let me upload a file. What can I do?

  • The online audit tool will allow you to upload PDF, Word documents, and JPEGs. There are no size restrictions on file uploads. If you are uploading a PDF, Word document, or JPEG and are still having issues, please contact CSAM.

Is the online audit tool compatible with an electronic document management system (e.g. Site Docs)?

  • Yes — PDFs are the preferred document format.

Can you upload multiple files into one question in the online audit tool?

  • Yes — you can upload multiple files under one question to count for the entire section.
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