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SECOR® Program

The Small Employer Certificate of Recognition Program (SECOR®) is a provincially recognized workplace health and safety certification program for companies in construction and related industries.

SECOR® is modelled after the nationally trademarked COR® Program and provides industry employers who employ less than 10 people with the tools to build and maintain an effective safety and health management system and to reduce incidents and injuries, and their associated human and financial costs.

Small employers often use SECOR® as a stepping-stone to achieving COR®.

Like the COR® Program, SECOR® requires specific training and follows an expiry and audit schedule for certification and renewal.

The program is also is endorsed by:

  • Manitoba Labour
  • Workplace Safety and Health (WSH)
  • Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB)
  • SAFE Work Manitoba

SECOR® qualifies for prevention rebate

SECOR® Certified employers are eligible to receive a 15 per cent rebate on their Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) assessment premium, or for small employers, $3,000 (to a maximum of 75 per cent of their assessment premium), as part of the Prevention Rebate Program.

The Prevention Rebate Program is overseen by the preventative arm of WCB — SAFE Work Manitoba — through the provincial standard of their SAFE Work Certified Program. CSAM has a formal agreement with SAFE Work Manitoba as a certifying partner.

SECOR® Certification meets the SAFE Work Certified Program provincial standard.

Steps to achieving SECOR®


SECOR® Certification is achieved through the successful completion of three steps: completion of required training, implementation of your safety and health program, and verification by CSAM that the SECOR® standards are met.

1. Training
There are three required training modules which must be completed by a full-time employee (or employees) of your company.  These training modules provide your company with the information, resources, and ability to implement a safety and health management system (ie: safety program):

2. Implementation
Once equipped with the knowledge from our training courses, you will be required to develop and implement your safety program. As always, your CSAM team is available to guide and support you throughout this process.

3. Verification
Your safety program is audited annually to confirm the SECOR® standards are met. The initial year of SECOR® Certification requires the successful submission of three audits:

    • Company self-audit
    • CSAM audit
    • Independent audit

The audit instrument is made up of 15 sections. Companies must achieve a minimum of 50 per cent in each section of the audit AND a minimum of 80 per cent overall to pass each audit.

Maintaining SECOR® Certification

SECOR® Certification is valid for a period not exceeding three years and must be validated annually with a letter of good standing that verifies the training elements and auditing standards are maintained.

Year two and three of your SECOR® Certification requires the submission of a successful company self audit by a registered auditor and a CSAM verification review.

Please visit our COR® and SECOR® Audit Requirements page for further information or to download a copy of CSAM’s COR® Audit Instrument.

SECOR® Certified companies

To search alphabetically for SECOR® Certified Companies in Manitoba, visit our directory here.

Further information

For more information on any aspect of SECOR®, please contact Keith Steffano, COR® Program Manager, at 204-775-3171 or keith@constructionsafety.ca.

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