The NCSO™ Program

The objective of the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO™) program is to provide verification of a nationally recognized level of competency in relation to construction safety. The NCSO™ program will provide practical training in various construction safety management skills and principles.

Persons who achieve the NCSO™ designation will have a combination of three years of practical construction experience; providing a valuable resource to management in the administration and implementation of a company’s health and safety program.


NCSO™ – Documentation Aid

NCSO™ Program Requirements


• Principles of Safety Management
• Leadership for Safety Excellence
• Safety Auditor Training (plus completion of a COR™ internal audit)
• WHMIS 2015 – Train the Trainer
• Prime Contractor
• Safety Administration
• WCB Basics or RTW Basics
• First Aider I / CPR
• Hazard Identification & Risk Control
• Confined Space

ELECTIVE COURSES (Two electives are required)

• Transportation of Dangerous Goods
• Legislation 101
• Safety Representative or Level 1 Safety & Health Committee

ONLINE COURSES (any two of our online courses will equal one elective course. A maximum of two online courses will be accepted)

*Courses taken at any of the CSAM conferences can be reviewed and applied to qualify towards two required electives.


  • Jobsite Inspection
  • Toolbox Talk
  • COR™ Internal Audit

Upon completion of the mandatory courses, two elective courses and submission of documentation an individual may apply to the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba to write the final examination required to obtain the standing of Construction Safety Officer.

The NCSO™ designation expires after three years. In order to renew your designation you will be required to submit a current COR™ Company Audit, Toolbox Talk/Training Session and a Jobsite Inspection/Hazard Assessment. If you fail to submit the documentation on time to CSAM you will be required to re-write the NCSO™ exam along with submission of documentation.

Upcoming NCSO™ exam dates:

Fee for the NCSO™ Exam is $50.00.

Winter NCSO™ exam – Wednesday, December 6, 2017
*Deadline for submitting documentation is December 1, 2017

Spring  NCSO™ exam – Wednesday, March 14, 2018
*Deadline for submitting documentation is March 1, 2018

Summer  NCSO™ exam – Wednesday, June 13, 2018
*Deadline for submitting documentation is June 1, 2018

Fall  NCSO™ exam – Wednesday, September 12, 2018
*Deadline for submitting documentation is September 1, 2018

Winter  NCSO™ exam – Wednesday, December 5, 2018
*Deadline for submitting documentation is December 1, 2018

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