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Your CSAM Safety Passport won’t be useful when you cross the border on holidays, but it is invaluable when it comes to helping you promote a safe workplace—not to mention the benefits you’ll experience when you meet legislated duties and responsibilities. The Safety Passport helps employers and employees keep track of company-wide safety training with a physical Passport and an online database.

safety-passport-214X300According to the Workplace Safety and Health Act, you’re required to do everything that is reasonably practicable to ensure your employees are capable of doing the tasks you assign them. You’re expected to provide information, instruction, training or close supervision to ensure their health and safety requirements. This includes evaluating the employees you hire (including contractors and sub-contractors) to make sure they’ll abide by the Workplace Safety and Health Act.

You are also required to prove you’ve met the requirements. That’s where the CSAM Safety Passport comes in. The Passport provides a quick reference to verify the safety training and education of people coming onto your worksite. On the flipside, workers can show prospective employers a record of their safety training and education.

Each Safety Passport includes the safety training and education conducted by CSAM, CSAM – THE Safety Conference, Workplace Safety and Health Division, and the Manitoba Safety Council.

Industry courses and certification that are offered through the Manitoba Building Construction Trades Council, Construction Labour Relations Association of Manitoba, or any others that can be verified by the CSAM, may also be included in the Safety Passport.

For more information on the Safety Passport, please contact a CSAM office in Winnipeg (204-775-3171) or Brandon (204-728-3456).

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Digital Safety Passport

Individual workers are issued a personal passport—complete with their digital photo and verification of safety training and education received—maintained and verified by CSAM. If you have recently been certified (or re-certified), your workers may request a digital Safety Passport.

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For Employers

CSAM offers an online database to help construction companies better manage their employee training records. To gain access to this convenient system, please contact the CSAM Winnipeg office, at 204-775-3171.

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