practical solutions
for a safer workplace

Consulting Services

One of the many benefits that come with being a CSAM member.

Develop the safety program you’ve always wanted – tailored to your company’s workplace, culture & environment – with the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM)

CSAM offers consulting services to our members as a part of your membership. These services are at the heart of what CSAM does, assisting employers in the construction industry in finding practical solutions for a safer workplace. Whether Certification is a goal of your organization or you simply want to make improvements to your health and safety management system, CSAM is here to help. This service includes:

  • The development and implementation of a customized Safety Program
  • Identification of potential hazards in the workplace
  • The development of Return to Work programs
  • COR™ Audit Gap Analysis
  • Sound Monitoring
  • Customized Safety Training

With CSAM, you can build a customized safety and health program that will help your company meet legislated requirements and aid in the identification, communication, and control of hazards that are specific to your business. Achieve a safety standard in your workplace with CSAM. To book a consultation, email safety@constructionsafety.ca or call 204-775-3171 in Winnipeg or 204-728-3456 in Brandon.