As a result of increasing demand for service from non-400 employers — and to assist current members with meeting their legislative responsibilities — CSAM will provide assistance and services to any employer through an Associate Membership companies on the following conditions:

  • Services provided won’t diminish the capability of CSAM to meet their mandate or service those companies within the 400 Group.
  • Associate Members pay an annual fee for this privilege ($500), and are charged Associate Member pricing for resources, training and audits.

SAFE Work Manitoba has identified several rate classifications as “naturally aligned” to CSAM. Naturally aligned means that an employer is not paying a levy to belong to an industry-based safety program, however an industry-based safety program has been identified to which their business operations are best aligned.

The new naturally aligned rate classifications to which SAFE Work Manitoba has identified are best aligned to CSAM include:

Architects and Engineers                              703-02

Land Surveying                                               704-04

Window Cleaning                                           706-04

Yard Maintenance and Pest Control          706-05

Companies that fall within these rate classifications that are interested in CSAM services and/or seeking COR™ or SECOR™ certification are required to become Associate Members of CSAM.

To register, as an Associate Member, download our Associate Membership Application. If you have any questions, please contact us at (204) 775-3171 or

Please Note: The $500 annual membership fee is waived for all current members of the Winnipeg Construction Association and the Manitoba Home Builders Association. Members of these organizations are eligible to receive services from CSAM as an Associate Member.

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