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Online Audit Tool

Instead of completing a paper audit, you can now complete your COR™/SECOR™ audits online.

Use the online audit tool

If you need assistance navigating the online audit tool, check out our online quick reference guide, or take a look at our frequently asked questions below.


I already have an account with CSAM. Do I need to set up another account for the online audit tool?

  • Yes — the online audit tool is not linked to any other accounts that you may have with CSAM.

What information do I need to create an account for the online audit tool?

  • You will need your company’s unique member ID.

Where can I find my companies member ID?

  • Please contact CSAM and we will be able to give you the member ID for your company. If you are a consultant, we will need to confirm with the company first before we can release that information to you.

I have not received a confirmation email yet. Why not?

  • Please check your junk/spam folder or quarantined messages. Due to the nature of these emails (as they are auto-generated from a generic email account), your company’s firewall may block them. In addition, the confirmation email may take up to one hour to send. If you do not receive an email after one hour, please contact CSAM.

Why can’t I log in with the credentials I just created?

  • The confirmation email contains a link you will need to log in for the first time. If you have not yet received a confirmation email with this link, you will not be able to log in. If you have further issues, please contact CSAM for more information on your individual request.

It says my member ID is already in use. What do I do?

  • Please do not enter any other number into this field. Please contact CSAM.

Can you create an account as an auditor and do multiple companies’ audits from this one account?

  • No — accounts are set up using the member ID, which is unique to each company. If you are a consultant, we will need to confirm access with the company before we can create an account for you, specific to that company.

Which email address should I use for registration?

  • You should use an email address that you check often, as this email address will receive emails when the audit has been submitted and once we have reviewed it.

Can I create an account/audit to test out the online audit tool or to see if this is something that will work for our company?

  • Yes — please contact CSAM for your member ID. Any audit you open will stay open until you submit it. Please note, anything you submit will go directly into our database. So if you are trying out the tool with a test audit, please do not submit the test audit.


Please note: the online audit tool is not supported by Internet Explorer.

I’ve entered some incorrect information as filler so I could work on a different section of the audit, but now it’s not letting me change it. What can I do?

  • Please do not enter information that you are unsure about. Instead, leave these fields blank and come back to them. Any of the information you enter will go directly into our database. Please contact us if you have any issues.

I’m filing a current audit. Why are the online audit tool options for 2018 COR™ or 2018 SECOR™?

  • Not to worry, these are the current options and will work for your most recent audits. The last time we revised the audit instrument was in 2018, which is why this date shows up.

Is there an online back up for the information I’m filling in?

  • You will be prompted to save as you go. Once you save a section, it will be on our servers. You can also download your audit (both the instrument and the files you’ve uploaded) before you submit to save for your records.

Is it mandatory to use the online audit tool, or can we still submit our paper audits?

  • The online audit tool is not mandatory. We will still accept paper versions of audits. The online audit tool is an option for those who already submit electronically or companies that would like to submit electronically.

Can my company use the online audit tool if it is our external audit year?

      • Yes you can — because you are submitting a self-audit, CSAM will know whether it is an internal or external year for your company and will distribute the audit appropriately, the same as if it were a paper audit.


What if we have some paper documentation to add to our audit? How can we attach paper copies of documents if we are submitting electronically?

  • You will need to scan any paper copies that you want included. PDFs are the preferred document type.

Do we need to number or reference the documents we attach?

  • If you are uploading a ‘snip-it’ of a document that is specific to a question, no. If you are uploading a full document and/or using the same document for multiple questions, yes. This allows CSAM to verify the points you have given yourself. As long as one document is uploaded in each section, you will still be able to submit your audit. For further questions on how to reference your documents, please contact CSAM to speak with a safety advisor.

Our documents are in PDF format. Do I have to print, reference, and scan each document before I upload it?

  • No — even with the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can choose to ‘add a signature,’ which will allow you to add text over top of the PDF document. You can also export the PDF to separate specific pages from a large PDF file into a new file.

Do I need to upload the same document multiple times to get points?

  • No — if the document is properly referenced, you can upload it once in each section it is applicable to. If you want to use the same document in multiple sections (i.e. training records), please upload it in each section is it applicable to.

It won’t let me upload a file. What can I do?

  • The online audit tool will allow you to upload PDF and Word documents. There are no size restrictions on file uploads. If you are uploading a PDF or Word document and still having issues, please contact CSAM.

Is the online audit tool compatible with Site Docs?

  • Yes — PDFs are the preferred document format.

Can you upload multiple files into one question in the online audit tool?

  • Yes — you can upload multiple files under one question to count for the entire section, as long as they are referenced appropriately.


Will I receive a notification if I miss a question?

  • No — that same as you would for a paper audit, you will need to verify for yourself that you have completed all audit sections from one to 14. You will be able to see a summary of your audit and do a final review of all scoring in the audit executive summary.

Once I’ve opened a new audit, is there a time frame to complete it?

  • No — you can save and return to an open audit for as long as you need. However, once you submit after the final audit summary section, you will see the text, “you have submitted your audit for review,” and you will no longer be able change anything in the audit. At this point, your audit will be automatically added to our database.

How do we include signatures for different individuals in our company if the audit is all electronic?

  • Electronic signatures will suffice to meet requirements.

Can we export our audit as an external file to save for future review?

  • Yes — when you choose the option to download, you will see two types of files. First, a PDF that includes your audit executive summary, auditor executive summary report, corrective action plan, and audit instrument.
  • Secondly, you will see a zipped folder that will include all the documents you uploaded. They will be saved, including the section and question number under which they were uploaded.

Will I receive a notification that CSAM has received our audit?

  • Yes — an email will be sent to the email address you registered with your account.

Will I get a notification when my audit has been processed/passed?

  • Yes — an email will be sent to the email address registered with your account in order to confirm your audit has been approved. You will still receive a physical copy of your letter of good standing and certificate (if applicable).