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Safe on Site

SAFE on Site is a joint partnership with SAFE Work, Manitoba Heavy Construction – Safety Health and Environment Program, and your Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. Our mutual goal is to actively assist contractors in understanding and implementing a positive safety culture.


SAFE on Site provides safety information and resources to contractors directly on site and offers contractors the opportunity to run an effective safety program.

CSAM coordinates and administers the SAFE on Site program for the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential sectors. Safety personnel will come directly to your worksite to help you identify, communicate and control hazards by using the following tactics.


  • Safety information and resources available to contractors
  • Emergency planning
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safety health and environment education and training
  • Legislation and your roles and responsibilities


  • General site hazards
  • Implementation of safety program
  • First aid and emergency preparedness
  • Resolving safety concerns


  • Gather information on specific industry concerns
  • Collect feedback on SAFE on Site initiative
  • Assess industry needs regarding education and training
  • Develop information, resources and training to meet the needs of industry

Apply for SAFE on Site


Download the Winnipeg Participation form and fax it to the SAFE on Site office at: 204.779.3505.


Download the Westman Participation form and fax it to the SAFE on Site office at: 204.571.0678.

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