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Westman Association of Safety Professionals (WASP)

The Westman Association of Safety Professionals (WASP) is a forum providing leadership in the promotion of safety, health and environmental issues in our communities and workplaces.

Why attend WASP? Westman Association of Safety Professionals provides an excellent forum for those involved in safety to exchange information, increase awareness of safety and safety-related issues and as well give those in attendance the opportunity to gather useful information from varying guest speakers.

WASP Meeting Materials

Our scheduled WASP meetings take us to many places to explore various topics about workplace health and safety.

Next meeting: May 20, 10 a.m. to noon

Click here to download our collected resources, agenda and minutes from past WASP meetings

For more information about WASP and how to join, contact Rhonda Gruetzner, President of the Westman Association of Safety Professionals, at rhondagca@gmail.com.