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SiteReadyMB is an interactive, general orientation course designed specifically to prepare individuals who want to upgrade their skills or are preparing to enter or re-enter Manitoba's construction industry.

Welcome to Manitoba’s NEW comprehensive construction site safety orientation program! SiteReadyMB provides workers with the core knowledge they need to understand the safety requirements of any construction site in the province — and how to work there with confidence.

SiteReadyMB is available online to employers, safety training partners, and individuals who want to upgrade their skills or are preparing to enter or re-enter the construction workforce.

Focused entirely on Manitoba’s construction industry, SiteReadyMB is designed to deliver vital safety information in a convenient, easily accessible format — users can learn at their own pace using any Internet-connected device. Rich in interactive features, the program makes learning more personal, practicable, and engaging.

The program is also designed to assist employers in meeting multiple obligations under the duties of employers in Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act and Regulation. The list below includes a few sections in which completion of SiteReadyMB will aid in establishing your due diligence:

  • Sections 4(2)(b), which specifies that employers must provide information, instruction, and training to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of all workers.
  • Section 4(2)(c) and (h), which specifies that supervisors must be familiar with safety or health hazards and WSH Act and Regulation; and must competent because of knowledge or training.
  • Section 4(4), 40(13), and 41(8), which specifies the employer’s duty to provide safety and health training before performing work (ie: orientation); and training of committee members and worker safety representatives.
  • Section 7(3), which specifies a prime contractor must ensure every person complies with the WSH Act and Regulation; and to coordinate, organize and oversee performance of all work.
  • Section 7.4(5)(g)(i) and (h), which specify criteria for the evaluation and selection of employers/persons involved in work and the plan for training of workers/supervisors in safe work practices.
  • Part 35.3(1), (2) and (3), which specify an employer’s requirement to conduct WHMIS training

SiteReadyMB covers 20 modules, delivered in four parts:

  • Part 1 provides up-to-date and expanded content covering Manitoba’s workplace safety and health legislation, as well as information on: worker rights and responsibilities; employer responsibilities; hazard management; workplace conduct; and inspections, accident reporting and investigations.
  • Part 2 provides instruction on emergency preparedness; workplace general conditions; personal protective equipment; noise hazards; and Canada’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS 2015).
  • Part 3 covers manual lifting; tools, machinery, and equipment; mobile equipment; electrical safety; and ladders and scaffolds.
  • Part 4 offers instruction on demolition; working at heights; excavation and trenching; cranes, hoists and rigging; and confined space entry.

Before SiteReadyMB, construction workers required separate training and certification on the identification of controlled products under WHMIS-2015. SiteReadyMB provides the necessary instruction under that regulation, certifying workers who successfully complete the program under WHMIS-2015 at no additional cost.

Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) has partnered with the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) to bring the SiteReadyMB program to Manitobans. SiteReadyMB course content is always under review by the safety personnel at CSAM, ensuring that information is always fresh, up-to-date, and relevant.

Registration costs $50 per license. If you plan to buy multiple licenses and would like to use the platform to manage your SiteReadyMB licenses and employee training records, please let us know (after you create an account) by emailing sitereadymb@constructionsafety.ca and we will set you up as an admin for your organization.

Requirements: SiteReadyMB is compatible with all web browsers, with the exception of Internet Explorer.  Please allow pop-ups.  For the best user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Estimated time to complete: six to eight hours

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