The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba provides services to employers who are either automatic members (“levy funded”) or associate members (“naturally aligned” or construction-related companies outside the WCB’s 400 Group Industry Classification). Levy funded employers in the Manitoba building construction industry help to fund CSAM through a % levy on top of their WCB premium.  SAFE Work Manitoba has identified several rate classifications as “naturally aligned” to CSAM. Naturally aligned means that an employer is not paying a levy to belong to an industry-based safety program, however an industry-based safety program has been identified to which their business operations are best aligned.

The new naturally aligned rate classifications to which SAFE Work Manitoba has identified are best aligned to CSAM include:

Architects and Engineers                             703-02

Land Surveying                                               704-04

Window Cleaning                                           706-04

Yard Maintenance and Pest Control          706-05

Companies that fall within these rate classifications that are interested in CSAM services and/or seeking COR™ or SECOR™ certification are required to become Associate Members of CSAM.

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