CSAM on Tour keeps contractors and workers up-to-date on safety regulations and requirements legislated by the government, without having to leave the job site.

CSAM safety advisors will bring their years of experience to you at your job site, providing you with convenient and direct access to safety information and resources. Demonstrations in fall arrest, hand safety, eye protection, and safe lifting allow contractors and their employees to recognize the significance of safety.

Safe Lifting
See how proper lifting techniques can reduce back injuries

Watch a demonstration showing impact on the body during lifting and how using your legs to lift can reduce injuries to your back.

Fall Arrest
See the importance of using appropriate fall arrest equipment.

View a fall enactment demonstration and witness the difference between wearing an approved shock absorbing lanyard and a non-shock absorbing lanyard.

Eye Protection
See the importance of wearing proper, approved eye protection.

This demo shows first hand the difference in protection between approved and non-approved eyewear when coming in to contact with a high impact object.

Hand Safety
See first-hand how wearing appropriate hand protection can cut your chances of injury.

Experience a demonstration of cut resistant versus non-cut resistant gloves that are practical to use in construction.

For more information, email safety@constructionsafety.ca or contact your local CSAM office:


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Phone: 204-775-3171
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