The objective of the NHSA™  program is to provide formal training for a person that takes part in the administration of a health and safety program and does not possess the minimum three years construction field experience that is required to achieve the NCSO™  designation. The NHSA™  can provide valuable assistance to employers and their National Construction Safety Officer(s) in the administration and implementation of the company’s health and safety program. This designation indicates to employers that the participant has practical knowledge in various health and safety management skills and principles. NHSA™(s) have practical knowledge in health and safety management skills and principles that assist employers and their NCSO™(s) in the implementation and administration of the company’s health and safety program.


NHSA™  Documentation Aid

NHSA™  Program Requirements


ELECTIVE COURSES (any two of the following):

ONLINE COURSES (any two online courses will equal one elective course. Max of two online courses will be accepted) *Courses taken at any of the CSAM conferences can be reviewed and applied to qualify towards the two required electives. Upon completion of the mandatory courses and an equivalent of two elective courses, an individual may apply to the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba to write the final examination required to obtain the standing of a National Health & Safety Administrator.


Fee for the NHSA™ Exam is $50.00. The dates below are available in both Winnipeg and Brandon.

September 18, 2019  *Deadline for submitting documentation is September 11th, 2019  

December 11, 2019  *Deadline for submitting documentation is December 4th, 2019

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