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Did you know that youth account for 15 per cent of workplace injuries in Manitoba?

Young workers are the future of our workforce, however they’re at high risk of injury because they have less experience and training on the job. Training students in safety while they’re in high school prepares them for future employment.

Education helps to reduce risk and injuries, and your Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) is here to help include youth in the efforts to reduce workplace incidents — our children deserve to go to work and come home safely every day. That’s why CSAM offers a variety of FREE resources to educate high school students on workplace safety and health.

THE Safety Pass

THE Safety Pass is an interactive, online orientation course that provides the basics in construction safety, focusing on 13 fundamental aspects of construction safety:

  1. Workplace Law
  2. Workplace Hazards
  3. Managing Worksite Conditions and Equipment
  4. Personal Physical Care and Conduct
  5. WHMIS 2015 (GHS)
  6. Powered Mobile Equipment
  7. Ladder and Scaffold Safety
  8. Fall Protection
  9. Environmental Safety
  10. Excavating and Trenching
  11. Defensive Driving
  12. Personal Protective Equipment
  13. Emergency Response

The course requires a score of 100 per cent to pass, and takes about three to five hours to complete.

WHMIS 2015 Training

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System 2015 (WHMIS 2015) is a globally harmonized communication system dealing with controlled products. The training includes seven modules:

  1. Introduction to WHMIS
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Classifications
  4. Labels
  5. Hazard Symbols
  6. Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  7. Final Quiz

WHMIS 2015 is an excellent training course in providing information about the controlled products used on the job.

High school teachers in Manitoba can register students for WHMIS 2015 and THE Safety Pass free of charge. Contact CSAM at training@constructionsafety.ca to receive the registration information.

Once a teacher has received a log-in ID from us, you can log in here and enroll students into THE Safety Pass and WHMIS 2015 (GHS).


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