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CSAM membership provides you with access to extensive information, resources, tools, and training regarding safety and health, legislation, accident prevention, and COR™ Certification.


All employers who pay into the 400 Group* of the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) industry codes are automatically members of CSAM.  If you are involved in industrial, commercial, institutional, or residential construction, we are YOUR industry-based safety program.

If you belong to the 400 Group (see table below), you can register as an automatic member by completing our automatic membership application form. If you have any questions, please contact us at (204) 775-3171 or safety@constructionsafety.ca.

WCB Industry Classification Code Industry Classification Description
40102 Building Construction
40103 Flooring and Tiling
40104 Installing Metal Products
40105 Painting and Decorating
40106 Wrecking and Moving Buildings
40108 Drywall and Stucco Contracting
40109 Installing Doors and Windows
40110 Concrete Work
40112 Installing Case Goods and Fixtures
40115 Landscaping
40203 Electrical Contracting
40204 Plumbing, Insulating, and Mechanical
40403 Roofing and Eavestroughing
40502 Constructing Dams, Wharves, Bridges, and Steel
40602 Installing Elevators
40603 Installing Heavy Machinery
40903 Tower and Energy Construction
40904 Railway Construction

* The 407 and 408 industry codes fall under road building classifications (MHCA WORKSAFELY rate codes) and are able to enlist in CSAM products and services through applying for an associate membership.

CSAM has earned the reputation as a leader in the safety landscape of Manitoba, as well as within the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations. This reputation is fueled by our association’s focus on providing exceptional customer service, quality, and value for our clients.

We are pleased to offer other employers outside of construction with access to our services through an associate membership (see below).

Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you.


CSAM is pleased to be able to serve companies outside of construction (outside of WCB’s “400” industry classification codes).

As a result of increasing demand for service from non-400 employers — and to assist current members with meeting their legislative responsibilities — CSAM will provide assistance and services to any employer through an associate membership, on the following conditions:

  • Services provided won’t diminish CSAM’s ability to meet our mandate or serve the companies within the 400 Group.
  • Associate members must pay an annual membership fee* for this privilege ($500), and are charged associate member pricing for resources, training, and audits.

To register, as an associate member, complete our associate membership application form. If you have any questions, please contact us at (204) 775-3171 or safety@constructionsafety.ca.

*The $500 annual membership fee is waived for all current members of the Winnipeg Construction Association and the Manitoba Home Builders Association. Members of these organizations are eligible to receive services from CSAM as an associate member.

PLEASE NOTE: WCB has recognized the value of industry based safety programs (IBSPs) and is planning to increase the number of employers eligible to receive services from IBSPs.  In 2020, the WCB identified several rate classifications as “naturally aligned” to CSAM. This refers to employers who do not pay the five per cent levy** to belong to an IBSP, but based on their business operations, would be best aligned with and served by the CSAM.

The WCB rate classifications identified as naturally aligned to CSAM include:

WCB Industry Classification Code Industry Classification Description
31105 Fabricating Signs
50304 Cable and Satellite TV Distribution
50311 Audio Visual Services
50504 Telecommunications
60903 Concrete Supply
70302 Architects and Engineers
70604 Window Cleaning
70605 Yard Maintenance and Pest Control

**IBSPs are funded through a five per cent levy, which is included within an employer’s WCB assessment rate. 

For example, if your company’s annual assessment rate is $2.00 (per every $100 of payroll), five per cent of that ($0.10 per every $100 of payroll) would be used to fund your respective IBSP.

  • 10 employees at 2000 hours per year = 20,000 hours
  • 20,000 hours x $25 per hour = $500,000 of assessable payroll
  • 500,000 divided by 100 = 5,000 assessable hours
  • 5,000 assessable hours x your $2.00 assessment rate would result in an annual WCB insurance cost of $10,000 per year.
  • The IBSP Levy is five per cent of the $10,000 WCB insurance cost, which, in this case, would be $500.  This amount goes toward the funding of your IBSP.