As construction work in Manitoba has been deemed essential, it's possible you're still commuting to work — and it's possible you might have questions about carpooling on that commute.

The Winnipeg Construction Association had a chance to speak about this with Manitoba's chief public health officer, Dr. Brent Roussin.

WCA: Many of our members have been asking if they are allowed to commute to a job site with more than one person in the vehicle. Would there be a fine for this? What’s the recommendation?

Roussin: This disease is transmitted through prolonged, close contact with a symptomatic individual. The main rule of thumb here is that any worker who is displaying any symptoms — coughing, sneezing — even very mild ones, should not be working. As far as travelling together in a vehicle goes, this is permissible. We’re still allowing ride-sharing services and taxis to operate, but it’s a good idea to maintain your distance while in the vehicle.

Good social distancing practices would include limiting the number of people in the vehicle, and trying to maintain space by having the passenger sit in the back seat. 

The Province of Manitoba has more information available here.