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How does your safety program measure up?

Find out with the Manitoba Construction Safety Performance Survey

The Manitoba Construction Safety Performance Survey will help our industry evaluate and define best safety and health practices to advance the protection of workers. What’s it about?: The survey asks questions about your company’s health and safety policies and procedures. Who’s behind it?: Your Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) is partnering with the not-for-profit research organization, the Institute for Work & Health (IWH). How do we benefit?: Participating companies receive a complimentary benchmarking report. The report lays out a real-time snapshot of statistics, for evaluating your company on safe work practices, procedures and policies…AND… All the survey results will be pooled to create a benchmarking database for Manitoba construction firms to compare and improve practices. The survey takes only 15 minutes to complete. IWH is inviting CSAM members to participate now. Expect a call or an email from IWH. View this 1-minute video about the survey: Your time, consideration and support in this project will help all construction companies in Manitoba with their OSH programs. For more information on the Manitoba Construction Safety Performance Survey, contact Maureen Sutherland at maureen@constructionsafety.ca or 204-775-3171. The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) is an independent, not-for-profit research organization based in Toronto, Canada. IWH conducts and shares actionable research to protect and improve the health and safety of working people.  

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