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How does your safety program measure up?

Find out with the Manitoba Construction Safety Performance Survey

What’s New?

Over 900 organizations took part in the Manitoba Construction Safety Performance Project in 2018. The aim of the project is to help our industry evaluate and define best safety and health practices to advance the protection of workers. Participants completed a survey about their organizations OSH policies and practice and the results of the surveys were compiled to create benchmarks and a leading indicator dashboard. Project participants will soon be receiving their own benchmarking reports comparing their organization’s results to others in Manitoba’s construction industry. The INDICATOR dashboard is under development and will be available shortly for all organizations to take the Construction Safety Performance Survey directly. The Manitoba Construction Safety Performance Project was conducted by the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) in partnership with the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM). A huge thank-you from CSAM and IWH to all the participants!

Indicator Dashboard

All organizations are invited to take the Construction Safety Performance Survey directly on CSAM’s INDICATOR dashboard. You will immediately receive results and be able to compare them to industry benchmarks. INDICATOR will enable you to track improvement over time. CSAM plans to expand INDICATOR’s capacity beyond a single informant, to allow your organization to have multiple persons across multiple sites complete the survey. This will allow you to examine the consistency of how your programs are performing across operational areas. CSAM is also working with WCB Manitoba to use anonymized claims and cost data from participating companies to enable INDICATOR to examine how improving a safety program affects accidents, incidents, and the bottom line.

Want To Improve Your OSH?

Services, workplace resources and training materials developed by CSAM can support you in creating action plans to enhance safety program performance and build a stronger culture. Learn how to improve. For more information on the Manitoba Construction Safety Performance Survey and INDICATOR Dashboard, contact Maureen Sutherland at maureen@constructionsafety.ca or 204-775-3171. The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) is an independent, not-for-profit research organization based in Toronto, Canada. IWH conducts and shares actionable research to protect and improve the health and safety of working people.  

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