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Personal Fall Protection for Construction

This course must be combined with a practical training component and evaluation.

More deaths still result because of falls. Harness the vital knowledge to reach higher and tighter precautions. Keep your employees safe with this program.

Personal fall protection training requires both a theory and practical component. This online training course will cover the theory part, but the practical component must be done by your employer. Your supervisor or an authorized representative of your employer MUST also evaluate your competency to wear fall protection and work at heights. To view our working at heights evaluation form, click here.

Scaffold Safety

This course covers the basics of scaffold safety. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to recognize scaffold hazards, understand the hazards associated with various types of scaffolds, how to control those hazards, and how to use scaffolds properly. Students will also learn safe assembly and inspection of scaffolds, how to avoid scaffold damage, and how to follow safe work practices.

Stairways and Ladders: A Safe Step

This course explains stairway hazard identification, proper ladder use and selection, and climbing fixed ladders. By using real-life scenarios, this course will provide an impactful training experience.

Stationary Scaffolds in Construction

Hammer home the importance of and train your employees on proper scaffold use with this course. Give them the training to help identify hazards, inspect scaffolds, handle materials, and apply safe work practices to keep scaffold work safe and their colleagues alive.