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for a safer workplace


Back Safety

Year after year, back injuries are one of the leading causes of on-the-job injuries. Help your employees protect their backs with the information presented in this course.

Contractor Safety: It’s Everybody’s Business

Fire prevention, fall arrest, HAZMAT, confined spaces — get an overview of these and other safety issues with this course. Inform your employees of their and your responsibilities, train them to be alert to the myriad of dangers and teach them the dos and don’ts for various working scenarios to ensure everyone’s safety.

Distracted Driving: Rewind

In this course we’ll review the common causes of distracted driving and the reasons to drive without distraction. It also explains the myths surrounding multitasking while driving and lists the safety checks for performing pre-ride inspection.

Hearing Protection

This course gives participants an overview of permissible noise levels, proper PPE, and the elements of a hearing protection program.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The Right Choice!

Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice! acknowledges that people have different reasons for not wanting to wear PPE. The course makes it clear that wearing PPE reduces or eliminates injuries. The responsibilities of the employer and the employee are covered, including the worker’s responsibility to wear the right PPE and wear it correctly. The different types of PPE available are explained, including head, eye and face, hearing, respiratory, hand and arm, leg and foot, and body protection.

Personal Protective Equipment

This course shows employees the proper PPE to use for the various hazards they may face in their workplace. It discusses the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee for wearing, maintaining, and replacing appropriate PPE for specific tasks.

PPE: Inspect and Respect

As you know, legislation requires that employers help protect employees from workplace hazards through engineering controls, hazard assessments, and by providing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). But the responsibility doesn’t lie with just the employer. This course helps heighten employee awareness of the importance of PPE and shares information on the types of PPE and how to properly inspect and care for it.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

This course gives participants an overview of fire safety. It will help employees identify the five major types of fires; the appropriate extinguisher for each type of fire; the R.A.C.E. and P.A.S.S. methods; housekeeping; and electrical safety.

Respirator Safety

Protect employees from atmospheric hazards with this course, which discusses the different types of respirators; medical evaluation and fit testing; and the procedures for proper care, cleaning, and maintenance of a respirator.

Strains and Sprains

Most people will experience strains and sprains at one point or another. Avoiding risky behavior and engaging in safe work practices are ways to actively sidestep the pain from these all too common injuries. This course helps increase employees’ knowledge of strains and sprains, their differences, and how to treat them.

Welding Safety

This course is designed to increase participants’ knowledge of welding safety. The course identifies hazards with welding and identifies specific lines of defense for protection against hazards. It also describes how to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and how to work safely before, during, and after welding activities.

Workplace Ergonomics

This course will help employees prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and design ergonomically friendly workstations.