practical solutions
for a safer workplace


Contractor Safety: It’s Everybody’s Business

Fire prevention, fall arrest, HAZMAT, confined spaces — get an overview of these and other safety issues with this course. Inform your employees of their and your responsibilities, train them to be alert to the myriad of dangers and teach them the dos and don’ts for various working scenarios to ensure everyone’s safety.

Diversity and Inclusion: Unleashing Innovation

Diversity refers to the mix of different races, genders, ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Inclusion pertains to the extent at which this variety is welcomed at every level of the organization. Its opposite — exclusion — can hurt morale and productivity. Inspire employees to transcend stereotypes, value differences, and create a respectful workplace. Featuring several clips, this program discusses the three concepts — diversity, inclusion, and exclusion — and shows how diversity and inclusion boost productivity, innovation, and morale.

Incident Investigation: Getting Started

This course helps to understand the importance of conducting an incident investigation. It discusses the benefits of incident investigation. The course explains the roles and responsibilities of the managers in investigating incidents. It briefly explains the eight-step process to conduct a thorough incident investigation. It also explains the first step — making initial response and report — in the eight-step process.

It’s About Respect II

Discrimination and disrespect do not simply manifest in blatant racism or outright ridicule. They can happen even in the most ordinary circumstances, sometimes without us meaning to. This course looks at four examples of workplace discrimination: two cases of ridiculing colleagues because of their religion and gender, and two less obvious, yet no less harmful, scenarios: sidelining a pregnant woman even if she is fit to work, and interrupting a coworker during conversations and excluding them from the team.

Leadership: Five Keys to Success

Leadership entails nuances and skills that vary from field to field, but by talking to real-life managers, employees, and experts on the subject, one can distill the essence of good leadership. Explore the five skills of great leaders with Leadership: Five Keys to Success. Featuring conversations with real-life leaders, the program helps managers — experienced or newly promoted.

Supervisor on the Scene: Communication

This course will show supervisors the four simple principles of effective communication: plan, select, deliver, and respond. The course describes the importance of clear and effective supervisor-related communication by using the four steps of communication.

Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution

This course gives supervisors a solid grounding on conflict management that helps them to recognize the conflict, manage the conflict, and resolve the conflict.

Time Management: Planning for Success

Pressed for time and urged to be more productive than ever, 24 hours in a day does not seem enough for many people. Even so, it is how we use those hours that largely determines our success at work. Help employees work smart, plan better, get organized, and be more productive with Time Management: Planning for Success. The program explains time management measures and helps participants avoid time wasters and understand the causes of poor time management.