CORTM and SECORTM certification now includes a Safety Culture Assessment to comply with SAFE Work Certification Standards. The Safety Culture Assessment tool is a required component of the CORTM/SECORTM audit, however the score identified will not affect the overall score of your CORTM/SECORTM audit and therefore will not have an effect on your certification. The Assessment includes 12 objectives based on six dimensions of positive safety culture. The Safety Culture Assessment is not a scored component of the audit and will be used for data collection and self-analysis. The Assessment is to be completed by the most knowledgeable person in the organization regarding health and safety and must be completed/submitted with the audit.

The Audit Tool (available for download here) and Audit Toolkits purchased from the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba’s offices will now include the Safety Culture Assessment.

Please complete and submit the Safety Culture Assessment along with your next CORTM/SECORTM audit submission.

Please contact or 204-775-3171 for clarification as needed.