Attention CSAM Members:

The Government of Manitoba has appointed a committee to review The Workers Compensation Act (the Act) to ensure it meets the needs of Manitoba employers and workers now and into the future. The Workers Compensation Act Legislative Review Committee 2016, or LRC, is comprised of Michael Werier, chairperson, Chris Lorenc, representing employers, Anna Rothney, representing labour, and Ken Sutherland, representing the public interest.

Behind the scenes, and playing an essential support role for the LRC, are WCB staff from diverse areas like Legal and Corporate Services, Policy and Research, Communications, Project Advisory Services, and the Office of the President and CEO.

Phase 1 of this multi-year initiative begins today with a 90 day public consultation.

The public consultation is designed to be as inclusive as possible, ensuring that all stakeholders are offered the opportunity for input.  Some of the issues identified by the Government for review include examining the WCB's existing funding model, the establishment of a maximum earnings level for workers and the creation of an Employer Advocate Office.  Stakeholders are being asked to make submissions on these and any other issues/areas of the Act that they feel may need to be reviewed.

Manitobans have until February 15, 2017, to help steer the direction of the workers compensation system by submitting their ideas to the committee online or by fax.  All submissions will be posted on the committee's website

Once submissions are received, the LRC will review and prepare a report that will make recommendations for the future. The Manitoba government will review the recommendations and decide what, if any, legislative changes will be made.


Winston Maharaj
President and CEO
Workers Compensation Board