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NCSO™ Professional Development Conference

October 5, 2016
Winnipeg, MB

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The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba is pleased to announce that its second annual National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) Conference will be held on October 5, 2016, at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre in Winnipeg, MB.

This one-day conference offers a key selection of courses on psychological safety, human resources and professional communications that showcase the value of embracing soft skills as tools in the construction industry.

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Soft skills are recognized as transferable people skills, interpersonal skills and social skills that help you build relationships, read and adapt to different situations and enhance emotional intelligence. This level of advancement will help you assess, interpret and respond to social and psychological situations in a manner that reflects your position as a leader, communicator and safety professional.

Embrace your future today by joining us and our initiatives to make Manitoba’s construction industry a safe one to be a part of!

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Please note that the registration fee is $140 (plus GST).


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